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Is it just me, or are things really busy at the moment? The children are waking at unseemly hours after the clocks changing (see my tips below for that one). and yet there still aren't enough hours in the day. We all really enjoyed Herfstvakantie, and while I suppose poking things with sticks would pall eventually, it's exhausting to dive straight back into doing do sixteen things at once! However, there's lots to look forward to in the next few weeks.

Family Divali Party

See full size image

Come along, meet new people and learn about the Divali - the Hindu Festival of Light! A wonderful afternoon with activities for young and old; everyone welcome. This HomeinLeiden event organized by Marie and Sanjay Vijendran is free, and includes light refreshments. Sunday 8 November, 3pm-5pm, VKC, Langegracht 57. For more information contact

'Swishing' aka Swop, don't shop!

Here's the chance for green fashionistas to pick a new outfit for free !

Yip! You've read it right, the first ever HomeinLeiden Swishing event takes place, 8pm - 10 pm on Friday 13 th November at the Vrouw Kind Centrum, Langegracht 57, (between Aldi and Digros) in Leiden. The clothes won't cost you a penny but you do need to bring good items of clothing to take part in the swish. That's what it's all about - ' Swop, don't shop' !

Of course, at all passionate shoppers know, shopping can be thirsty business. So, naturally refreshments will be served. However, it would be greatly appreciated if you could bring a bottle or some nibbles to help us enjoy the evening.

This new HomeinLeiden 3x yearly event will be organized by Jill Bowe and her team.
Any questions? Contact

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Parents' Question Time

Register now! HomeinLeiden and Dream-Angus are organizing a Parents'Question Time event at 8pm on 19 th November at the Vrouw Kind Centrum, Langegracht 57, (between Aldi and Digros) in Leiden. This is a chance for parents to get one-to-one time with experts to ask all those burning questions!

Three English-speaking experts will personally answer your questions on:

  • Bilingual/multilingual development (Eowyn Crisfield, BA TESL, MA Applied Linguistics);
  • Sleep issues, child development, fussy eaters (Deirdre Budd (R.G.N. H.V. Dip. R.)
  • Pregnancy, birth, breast feeding and first aid (Tina Keogh of Great

Register now at and get a specially reduced rate of € 12 per couple or € 8 individual ( € 15 and € 12 on the door). It will be a relaxed, social event with lots of relevant information stalls and coffee/tea/wine and light refreshments included.

Get busy with your Shoeboxes!

We will now definitely be sending off decorated shoeboxes filled with good quality new toys, toiletries and school stuff via Edukans (see ) as Christmas presents for disadvantaged children. We will be taking them to Haarlem on the 13 th November: so please contact me when yours is ready on and we can arrange to drop it off/pick it up.

Tip of the week : Postponing the dawn chorus!

We swear by the Kidsleep alarm clock! You set this cheery night light to go on to the 'wake up bunny' (either just with light or dawn chorus alarm for school-age sleepyheads) at the time you think is ok for them to wake up/start screeching. You can then say to them that they need to wait until the wake up bunny is on before they can get out of bed/turn their light on/whatever. Stickers for cooperation also a good plan! Ours has done 4 years now and we can't live without it.You can get it from - they even have all sorts of other versions now (pink, portable etc).

It really does work. only you do have to resist the urge to set it for 9.30 to get a lie in.



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