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.the new Home in Leiden! After a fantastic meeting on the 26 th , there will be lots of changes afoot! Home in Leiden will now be run by a committee, with a different person will be in charge each quarter to answer questions, make changes, oversee events etc. This person will be contactable on a new email address, which is (nice, huh?). Until Christmas this will be Alice, supported by Jess (see their profiles and lots more on the new About Us section, along with our new mission statement.)

This is my last homepage, certainly for a while, so soon we will be able to see Leiden reflected through many more people. It feels strange in one way to be handing over something so personal, and yet so very right. The real aim of HomeinLeiden has always been for people to meet each other: not in chat rooms, not virtually, but physically. Children need a real community to grow, and so do parents. We have set the snowball rolling for this to happen, and given people the means and the confidence to set up their own initiatives. The community has come together, and now enables people moving here to swiftly feel part of something, and to have people to talk to and socialize. Those of us with small children know just how life-saving a cup of tea and a chat can be when it all gets overwhelming. I am so very proud of what we have created in this city, and would like to thank everyone for their own individual part in this.


So, enough soppiness.. and a call for information. Firstly, if you would like to contribute to HomeinLeiden generally , and perhaps would like your profile on About Us, maybe with contact details for how you can help etc., let Alice know on We also all want to know what's going on , so if you hear of a great event/are organizing something, please do email so that she can put it on the calendar. She and Elisabeth are also writing a section on Services - so if you know of a great plumber, hairdresser, swimming teacher etc., let her know too! If you have any further ideas/suggestions, do email Alice.

September in Leiden

Kunstroute (art weekend)

Kunstroute takes place on the weekend of the 18/19 September, from 12.00-18.00. All the galleries and ateliers in Leiden will be open , with art of all types and price ranges for sale. It's a great chance to see what's going on in the art scene in Leiden, and maybe even to pick up something gorgeous and original for your house. See for details. The start point is Scheltema (just along from the Lakenhal museum on the Oude Singel) and you can get free map of participants from there. There will also be an exhibition of pieces from almost all participants at Galerie De Pieter in the old post office on Breestraat (opposite Oloroso), so you can get an idea of what's on offer.

I am taking part in Kunstroute, which is exciting and nerve-racking. In case you are curious, I make painted glass panels for windows, so that you can have something beautiful to stop passers-by peering in, instead of a net curtain or sticky-back plastic. You can see my stuff on and my atelier is van der Sterrepad 2 (in the little street that runs along the foot of de Burcht), so come and say hi during Kunstroute (there may well be brownies.) .

Clearing out the cupboards?

Don't get rid of your lovely but unwanted clothes, either women's or children's! Keep them and swop them for something fabulous. Noeleen will be organizing a Kids Clothes Swop and Jill a Swishing (women's clothes swop) evening later this month, so watch out for more details or email or for information.



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