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Contact Information


Please note that while this list is complete and correct to the best of our knowledge, despite our efforts we may have made mistakes or left some places out. If you spot any errors we would welcome your feedback; just mail

B4KIDS Kinderopvang in Leiden (

Head office location: Schipholweg 77-79, 2316 ZL Leiden
Postal address: Postbus 2201, 2301 CE Leiden
Tel: 071 516 34 00 or 071 516 34 34,

B4Kids have about twenty locations in Leiden for daycare and over ten for BSO (some of which are at the same location as the crèche, but not all). You will gain the best overview of what is available where by using the excellent 'search by postcode' facility on their website. One note, though: the BSO Pollewop on Slachthuislaan works closely with the Vrije School next door.

B4Kids operates its own childminder agency (Gastouderbureau).

Review for BSO day nursery Krullevaar, at Antonie Duycklaan 13 just opposite the Leidse Hout:

Our older daughter went to the University nursery, Kattekop, but our younger daughte rhas for eighteen months (she is now three) been at Krullevaar. We are so happy about Krullevaar! They do many activities (educational games, cooking, manual activities, music etc...). Also the staff are highly motivated and speak good English. They always take plenty of time for talking. My child is very happy there!

SKO Kinderopvang in Oegstgeest (

Head office: Haarlemmerstraatweg 32, 2343LB Oegstgeest
Ttel. 071 515 98 00,

SKO has three daycare centres in Oegstgeest
- one in the estate Nieuw-Rhijngeest to the west of the A44;
- one centrally in Oegstgeest;
- one north of the canal in Haaswijk.
These you can find out about at

There are several BSO locations in Oegstgeest, which you can see on this map,
. SKO also offers specific 'teenager' care for the 12 to 16-year-olds who have not yet been given their own house key (which often happens disconcertingly early in this country). They give children of this age more freedom than the primary schoolchildren, and the atmosphere of semi-supervised (growing) independence seems very positive.

SKO offers childminders via the agency Kroostopvang ( which operates in the area of Oegstgeest and Lisse/Sassenheim to the north.

  • Catalpa Kinderopvang operates over a large area of the Randstad and has several branches around Leiden.
    Babydrome, Boerhaavelaan 53, 2334 EE Leiden, Tel: 071 515 67 00
    Twins, Tweelingstraat 8, 2312 LX Leiden, Tel: 071 528 00 87

    It also owns B4Kids, so that when you use their search facility to find a location, you will see all the B4Kids locations plus the non-B4Kids Catalpa centres. Catalpa also operates three
    after-school centres; see the BSO section.
  • De Kinderhaven ( has two branches in Leiden:
    De Batavieren (also BSO), IJsselkade 48, 2314 VM Leiden, Tel: 071 589 39 88
    Review [2010]: Good daycare. The flexible daycare is very helpful. If you register the hours you need in time, there is almost always a place. They take good care of the children, and have lots of theme days and outings, such as visits to the playground, children's farm etc. Also educational projects such as taking the bus to the train station and then doing a project on trains and buses. There are 4 regular groups and 1 flexible group.

    De Watergeuzen , Willem Barentszstraat 47, 2315 TZ Leiden, Tel: 071 576 04 39
    Review [10/2011]: The main reason we registered our son there was the option for flexible hours - this way I can choose when to bring him, and I pay per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours for each time he comes. This means I can afford to bring him only for half days, and that I do not pay when we are on vacation; I just need to let them know two weeks in advance. They also have regular groups which your child attends on specific full days.

    The disadvantage of the flexible option is that the group is mixed, with children from 0-4 (often called a verticaal group), so he doesn't see the same kids every day. The place itself is very nice; clean, well kept and enough space with plenty of variety, although the garden needs a bit of attention. My son really likes going there and gets plenty of warm attention from the childminders.  Most of the staff know English, and we have a child development conversation every six months.
  • Kindergarden Kinderdagverblijf (also BSO)
    Kindergarden has locations in Leiden and Oegstgeest.

    There is a kinderdagverblijf and BSO at Raamsteeg 2c (although it also faces the Doezastraat), 2311PL Leiden,

    There is also a creche tucked away at the back of the Duinzigt building, at Rhijngeesterstraatweg 40, 2341 BV Oegstgeest,

    Tel for both is 020 423 54 22, Kindergarden has locations over a wide area, hence the contact number having an Amsterdam code.
  • Compananny (also BSO)
    Rhijngeesterstraatweg 40B, 2341BV Oegstgeest, tel. 071 519 06 34

    Email if you want more info.

  • Annette's Kinderopvang has two branches:
    Utrechtse Jaagpad 27, 2313 KZ Leiden, Tel: 071 514 45 51
    Aaltje Noordewierlaan 1 (in the 'Rijn en Vliet' care home), 2324 KP Leiden, Tel: 071 579 36 77
    Website: .
    Review: We were very pleased with the care our son received there. There was no turnover among the full-time, permanent staff over three years: he was able to form a very long and lasting bond with the two main teachers in the toddler room, Joyce and Marissa. They have a large and very nice garden at the location on the Utrechtse Jaagpad. The only downside was that the baby room was upstairs, which meant carrying a baby up and down Dutch stairs daily. It is a Dutch-speaking crèche with Dutch 'norms' (i.e. sandwiches for lunch with milk to drink unless you specify otherwise). The teachers can sometimes be a bit brusque, especially to foreign sensibilities, but they are ultimately lovely people.
  • Joepie Kinderdagverblijf
    Turkooislaan 131, 2332 RK Leiden, Tel: 071 572 83 39
    Website: .
  • Kinderdagverblijf Pimmetje
    Rijnsburgerweg 140, 2333 AH Leiden, Tel: 071 515 70 47
    In 2011, Pimmetje started its own BSO a little way down the road; see the BSO section.
  • Okidokids
    Rijnsburgerweg 31/E, 2334 BE Leiden, Tel: 071 301 45 31
  • Flowerkids has two branches:
    Sterre at Rijnsburgerweg 9, 2334 BA Leiden, Tel: 071 515 45 47
    Madelief at Hoge Rijndijk 13, 2313 KE Leiden, Tel: 071 514 02 12
  • Tomtiedom Kinderdagverblijf also with two locations:
    Kagerstraat 1a, 2334 CP Leiden, Tel: 071 517 00 23
    Kempenaerstraat 99, 2341 GS Oegstgeest, Tel. 071 750 44 06
  • Teddy Kids is an international creche with two locations:
    Herenstraat 64, with kinderdagverblijf only, 2313AM Leiden, 071 589 06 72, and
    Zeemanlaan 22a, where there is KDV and BSO, 2313SZ Leiden, 071 887 50 40, .
    Artyom Tolmachev is the manager and his mobile number is 06 14 66 30 33.
    They specifically cater to international families, and say they have 75% children with at least one non-Dutch parent, so they are very good at helping people new to the country/area with their childcare arrangements. They also pride themselves on their flexibility, and I gather that the childcare is all bilingual Dutch/English, although please contact them for precise details of this.
    Furthermore, Teddy Kids is apparently starting an 'international' day nursery (English language) in a large old house on the Rijnsburgerweg in Leiden, opening apparently due May 2014.
  • Harlekijn
    Endegeesterstraat 1a, 2342 AJ Oegstgeest, tel. 071 890 70 02

    Review: Kinderdagverblijf de Harlekijn is a lovely nursery on the "outskirts" of Oegstgeest, next to some woods used by the after-school club children as a play area. The staff is well educated as well as very experienced. The nursery strongly believes in the benefits of nature experience. Taking the children outside to jump in muddy puddles, helping take care of their rabbits, helping veggies in their tiny vegetable garden or to just playing, swinging, running and biking outdoors are thus high priorities on their list of daily activities. The importance of nature extends to the indoor area, where noisy, plastic toys are avoided and food is mostly organic. If you are not a big fan of the Dutch habit of chocolate sprinkles in the lunchtime sandwiches, this is the right place for your child (mind you, it is still bread for lunch, just with healthy fillings!). The nursery also has a separate studio where the children are encouraged to be creative with mainly natural materials. They provides a peaceful atmosphere, and my son, daughter and I love it! Although the main language at the nursery is Dutch, about 10-20% of the children have expat parents and the staff is thus used to speaking English. Once your child goes to school, he can join the afterschool club De Padvinders run there by the same nursery.

For employees/students of Leiden University only

Non-B4Kids/SKO locations with BSO only

  • Pimmetje BSO
    Rijnsburgerweg 21, 2334BV Leiden, Tel. 071 515 23 68
  • BSO Tante An (Catalpa)
    Eksterpad 2-4, 2317KN Leiden, Tel. 071 528 44 43
  • BSO Beetle (Catalpa)
    Boerhaavelaan 46, 2334ES Leiden, Tel. 071 517 31 31
  • BSO Buren (Catalpa)
    Antonie Duycklaan opposite nr. 12, 2334CE Leiden, Tel. 06 15 82 78 42



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