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Preschool: Peuterspeelzalen

Preschools (Peuterspeelzalen - literally 'toddler play rooms') are preschools for 2 to 4 year olds. I would warmly recommend sending any international child to your nearest PSZ, as they provide structured social interaction and play activities for little ones, and are a great preparation for school. The schedules vary: the sessions are either 3 or 4 hours, and some are mornings only, whereas some also have afternoon sessions. Some are also flexible about how many days the child can attend, whereas others have specific regulations. Most teachers speak a little English (and many speak other languages as well) to help them understand you and your child, but most international children pick up quite a bit of Dutch very quickly in such an environment. In fact, a new system has been introduced to help children whose language is in need of a bit of extra support, and these children receive extra coaching, and may get a free day.

The Peuterspeelzaals in Leiden are all owned by Stichting Peuterspeelzaal Leiden (SPL, is their Dutch website): your best bet is to find your nearest and ring up and make an appointment to have a look round, and then fill out the form. You can register your child from birth, and there are usually waiting lists, but it is worth remembering that some PSZ and some days are more popular than others, so if you can be flexible you may well get a place sooner.

Payment is state subsidized and therefore varies according to your household income. For example, if your household income is 2,000 euro per month, 4 days a week at a 3-hour speelzaal would cost around 110 euro per month. A second child attending at the same time as his/her sibling pays only half the cost of a first child. The charges are calculated automatically from the information given by you when you register for a place. Note that the government allowance/subsidy available to working parents for childcare does not cover attendance at a peuterspeelzaal.

Some PSZ require you to send your child with some fruit for snack time, which will be shared with other children: others provide everything there. You will need to provide nappies and/or clean underwear and a change of clothes, although they do mostly have spares for emergencies.

Go to to find your nearest, or they are listed below:

The Peuterspeelzaals in Leiden are:

De Ballon
Louise Hardenbergsingel 4
2331 BR Leiden
Tel: 071 5315895

Damlaan 2a
2332 XH Leiden
Tel: 071 5768212

Middelstegracht 85
2312 TT Leiden
Tel: 071 5144133

De Glijbaan
Burggravenlaan 17a
2313 HM Leiden
Tel: 071 5121331

Gouden Poort
Maresingel 19
2316 HA Leiden
Tel: 06 25313672

't Rozenpoortje
Vestestraat 39-49
2312 ST Leiden
Tel: 06 21390790

Groen Knollenland
Slachthuislaan 25
2316 DE Leiden
Tel: 071 5236062

Kakelbont Noord
Ambonstraat 28a
2315 GH Leiden
Tel: 071 5211920

Kleine Urt
Herenstraat 64
2313 AM Leiden
Tel: 071 5146637

't Klinkertje
Dudokpad 1
2321 CW Leiden
Tel: 071 5766246

Zaanstraat 126
2314 XH Leiden
Tel: 071 5898326

Trix Terwindtstraat 4
2331 GW Leiden
Tel: 071 5312541

Peutercentrum Kwetternest
Eksterpad 2
2317 KN Leiden
Tel: 071 5210430/071 5284777

Peutercentrum Mengelmoes
Ten Katestraat 10a
2321AW Leiden
Tel: 071 5321390

Peutercentrum De Mors
Topaaslaan 19
2332 JC Leiden
Tel: 071 5763726

Peutercentrum Noord
Bernardkade 40
2316 RX Leiden
Tel: 071 5231289

Olleke Bolleke
2313 JE Leiden
Tel: 071 5131061

Ot en Sien
Pieterskerkchoorsteeg 15
2311 TR Leiden
Tel: 071 5148892

't Piraatje
Kortenaerstraat 61a
2315 TL Leiden
Tel: 071 5210093

Peutercentrum De Kooi
Driftstraat 49
2315 CD Leiden
Tel: 071 5225912

Ant. Kleynstraat 10
2331 DV Leiden
Tel: 071 5321390

Peutercentrum Zuid-West
Boshuizerlaan 5
2321 SG Leiden
Tel: 071 5313689/071 5289162

Peutercentrum Merenwijk
Valkenpad 1
2317 AN Leiden
Tel: 071 5234226

If you would like an up-to-date review of a specific peuterspeelzaal try posting something on the Leiden Mamas Facebook page:

English-speaking preschool (the only one locally)

  • Elckerlyc - Leiden International Primary School
    Klimopzoom 41
    2353 RE Leiderdorp
    Phone: 071 - 589 6861

    This is the English-speaking kindergarten class attached to the Elkerlyc International Primary School, which takes children aged 3-4. This is seen as part of the school, so is for children who will then be attending Elkerlyc school. See the 'schools' section of this website. Elcerlyc's fees are in the region of 3,000 euro per year, irrespective of income.



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