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  2. Classes for babies/toddlers and their parents/carers
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Classes and Sports


Parenting and other classes for adults

Parent Education from Passionate Parenting

It's well known that we, the parents, are a major influence in developing happy, healthy and well-behaved children. Parent education is key to raising children and building strong families and communities.

What we do

Passionate Parenting workshops and seminars in The Hague, are designed to benefit expat and local families with children of all ages. The parent education programme is dynamic and ever-changing, lectures are presented by professional and qualified educators, c overing diverse areas of interest to parents, Passionate Parenting has also taken on the mandate of assisting ex-pat parents in navigating their way through parenting in a foreign country, with its inherent rewards and challenges. All seminars are in English, semi-formal, inter-active and outcome-based.

Practical Information

Presentations are approximately 90 minutes, followed by Q & A and coffee. Venue announced upon registration. The cost is € 25 per person. Half the profit from these seminars goes to small South African charities. A créche for babies and children under four is arranged at morning sessions. Registration is essential. Please read the cancellation policy. For further information about registration contact:


Other classes for adults

There is an enormous number of classes and sports available to adults in Leiden, but to detail them all is beyond the scope of this website.

There are several great courses coming up at the Vrouw Kind Centrum (VKC) at 57 Langegracht, for example a sewing class. These classes and groups are amazing as they are either free or only cost-covering, and free childcare is provided! Look at or link top right.

**Update for September '13: Starting September 9, there will be a home maintenance course for women - basic plumbing, electricity , how to use a power drill/ saw?! It's at their usual low price which includes child care!

For other courses , a huge range of art, dance, languages, computer skills etc are organized by BplusC, so a best first stop is .

There will also be loads of classes and groups in a buurthuis near you - to find out what's on at your nearest buurthuis go to , click on 'informatie', click on 'buurtcentra' (in red), then click on the one nearest you, and then click 'activiteitenrooster' for a schedule of all activities.

Creative types might like the classes they are offering at "Haagweg 4", a huge building full of artists and ateliers. ( The Handwerk Studio Leiden on Middelstegracht has loads going on for adults in addition to the classes for children.

If you are looking for a gym , there is Vrouwfit just for women - on the Herengracht and Vijf Meilaan ( It specializes particularly in lots of yoga, pilates, body balance etc, although they do plenty of body-pump etc classes as well. Membership is €36,50 a month. If you are searching for a gym with a creche, "Sportcity" might be the place for you ( - the location at Anthony Fokkerweg near the station has childcare and is really friendly. The cheapest no-frills gym is probably "Fit for free" (, starting at €9,95 per month.



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